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In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, it seems attention to detail and a common-sense approach to selecting stocks is an absolute necessity.  After visiting your website, we see that we share many of the same investing philosophies, so we wanted to introduce you to our affiliate program.

The “Investtalk Premium Newsletter”, is a weekly newsletter, delivered by email each Friday, that is geared to help listeners connect the dots and grow their financial portfolio.  We offer market commentary, stock picks and tools that can help listeners take control of their investments. The newsletter is available for $9.99 per month or $99.00 per year. We offer a 50 percent commission to our affiliates, and have found that many of our partners enjoy this regular reoccurring income.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate programs, it’s a way for you to monetize existing and future traffic from your website, as well as add value to your readers by providing them with unique, original content.

We track leads via cookie AND IP address. Your referrals are tracked for 180 days and last referring affiliate receives the commission.  As long as we get paid, you will receive your 50 percent commission.

Signing up is easy. You create a login, and then will be offered a variety of different banner and text ads, as well as sample blog post copy. From the login area, you can track your sales and commissions.  You will receive a commission check each and every month (balances under $100 will roll over to the next month).

Here’s how you start:

1. Fill out our web form here at the bottom of this page

2. Once you’ve confirmed your email and logged in, set up a campaign. You can select any of the existing banner ads, text or use you own image/text to link to our sales page.

3. All of the traffic you refer through those links will be tracked for 1 month. And you will receive 50% of the sale! And it’s recurring, every month!

4. You can login any time to review your traffic, commissions and sales.

This program is free with no obligation or contracts. Sign-up when you want. Cancel when you want. There is no fee, anytime. Just refer sales and generate 50% recurring commissions!

This is a great way of monetizing your website traffic or database, and helping your listeners grow their portfolios.  Certainly, it’s a win-win for everybody.  The more you participate and promote this offer, the higher your commission.

Click Here to view one of our preview newsletters.