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How to Subscribe to the InvestTalk Podcast with iTunes

October 15, 2008 – 9:03 am

This 5 minute video will walk you through downloading and installing iTunes, if you don’t already have it, as well as subscribing to the InvestTalk podcast.

  1. One Response to “How to Subscribe to the InvestTalk Podcast with iTunes”

  2. Steve et all,
    I’m sure you have been informed previously, the Aster station out of Esc (AM1450) has a weaker signal than AM1000 which was marginal a best..definitely will not be audible after the time change this fall.
    I have timed my run at 4PM so I can listen to the three of you and your excellent advise. I’m sure there is nothing you can do about this. Please do not waste your time replying to this memo.
    Dave Moore
    El Cajon,Ca

    By David Moore on Apr 4, 2012

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