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Welcome to this one-stop resource for Investtalk listeners

Whether you want to know how to determine the true value of a stock, how to figure out what you need to save to meet your retirement goals, or what methods you can use to protect your retirement portfolio from future losses, the Investtalk InvestAbility Center is here to help.

Whether you’re just starting out or your retirement is around the corner, we want to help you learn how to build your portfolio.  Take advantage of our free reports, webinars, links and other resources.

Feel free to email Steve a question and participate in all of our online resources.  You can also call our 24 Hour Question Line at 888-99-CHART.  (888-992-4278)  Steve will have an answer for you on the next program or by email if you’d like.

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“The New America Webinar” – Land of Investor Opportunity


“Breaking the Risk Barrier” – Measuring and Managing Investment Risk


“Doing Dividends Right” – A 30-Minute Crash Course in Dividend Investing

The problem is not finding a way to gain rewards without risk, the challenge for many is learning how to manage risk.

If we can learn to manage the risk factors in investing, and understand them, we can move ourselves closer to making better overall investing choices.

Learn how to formulate a risk management strategy.
See how to protect your money from a selloff.

If you have questions about managing your investment strategy or KPP Financial services, contact Steve directly – click here or call 888-99-CHART.  Steve will get right back to you.

Smart Reports –

Portfolio Checklist and Thinking Outside the Stocks

(You’ll need Adobe Reader to view these)
1. Checklist For A Healthy Portfolio – PDF  – This guide will help you accomplish two things:  First, organize your thinking about your retirement portfolio.  Second, prepare you to meet with a professional and get the most out of that meeting.  Getting organized will help calm down this nervous market.

2. Thinking Outside The Stocks – PDF  – How do you uncover the next big boom? Are smaller companies that were beaten down by the economy going to be the emerging markets of tomorrow?

Info Sheets

Technical Analysis – Studying the moves of a stock 
Growth Stocks – A growth stock is one in which sales and earnings are increasing quickly.
Basic Valuation –Simple guidelines to use when searching for quality companies.
Education Accounts – Two different programs designed to help pay for college.
Using the VIX –  One way to measure fear and greed is looking at the VIX.
Professional Service –  How professional financial service providers work

Internet Fraud Checklist

Reprinted from Steve’s article in San Clemente News (Link)

Talking Points

Links to selected topics discussed on Investtalk and enriched by content from leading online information sources.  Click on the topic to link to the source article.

2-29-13 Is Your Retirement on Autopilot?
2-28-13 Is Relying On Home Equity For Retirement A Good Idea?
2-27-13 How To Use Price-To-Sales Ratios To Value Stocks
2-26-13 Three ways to conquer a fear of stocks.
2-25-13 The Rising Risk Of Investing In Bond Funds And ETFs

6 Questions to Ask Before Converting a 401(k) to Roth
2-21-13 The Fed is uneasy about their “QE” program
2-20-13 Four Reasons You Should Feel Great About Living in America
2-19-13 Why a Wave of European Deals Could Be Next
2-18-13 All Eyes on MLPs for 2013

Retirement Calculators

Retirement Income Calculator – Use this calculator to determine how much monthly income your retirement savings may provide you in your retirement. Your annual savings, expected rate of return and your current age all have an impact on your retirement’s monthly income. View the full report to see a year-by-year break down of your retirement savings.

Helpful Links

Start with, which offers reams of statistical data. Try Yahoo! Finance for links to annual reports, quarterly statements and shareholder conferences with management.

Here’s a retirement contribution limit guide.  Adhering to these limits is important because otherwise you may have to pay an excise tax on the surplus.  In other words, you just wrote a very large check to the IRS!

To help put the statistics in context, Research Wizard, at MSN Moneycentral, lets you see how one stock stacks up against its peers based on different statistics. Use Research Wizard to compare funds, too.

Each week stacks of economic and market reports are published for all to see.  Some are more important than others.   These are the ones traders look to for clues to the health and future of the market .  Here’s a list of the key ones from Ten major economic resports.

Another great online tool is PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s Edgarscan.

Edgarscan quickly fillets quarterly and annual balance sheets, plus income and cash-flow statements. Its Benchmarking Assistant then displays that data in bar charts and can compare a company’s results with its peers’ performance over the past ten years.

The most comprehensive and least expensive subscription-based service is a premium membership at

Recently priced at $109 a year (with a two-week free trial), it will give you access to all of Morningstar’s analytical tools and commentary on stocks, funds and the overall market.