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New Year-Will It Be Happy?

December 31, 2010 – 6:10 pm

The last trading day of the year, being a Friday before New Years day, means trading volume is going to be extremely weak and any movement in the market is a non event. The only thing the traders were pushing around was the dollar and that was to the down side. It was a sharp sell off this morning and usually that means an up stock market, but not this morning.

Over the next few months the market should do well as I look into that fuzzy crystal ball. After that the stimulus that we have had from the federal government for several years begins to fade. At some point our government is going to have to start soaking up all that printed money. What is the method the government is going to use to do that and when they start what effect will it have on the market?

That is the unknown that may well dominate the thinking of traders in the second half of the year.

Happy New Year!
Steve Peasley

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