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Politics vs Common Sense

November 2, 2012 – 5:17 pm

Elections are next week and with that the uncertainty about the new President will be over. Stock markets like certainty. Once that is behind us attention will be devoted to the fiscal cliff. There are rumors of clandestine meetings going up in Congress to address this issue. Nothing will be decided until the new President is elected and it is possible that a final decision could be put off until next year. The deadlines could be pushed back to let the new Congress and new President deal with the issue.

No matter who is in office no one wants to be blamed for letting our economy sink back into another recession because politicians couldn’t agree to something. Both sides of the aisle are concerned with being blamed. That might be a strong enough incentive to push them to a decision. Then again there is no end of stupidity in Washington.

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Steve Peasley

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