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Portfolio Smart Scan™
Thank you for selecting our Smart Scan™ portfolio review. It’s the next best thing to seeing Steve in person. We know that gathering all your financial data can sometimes be a chore, so we want to make this process as simple as possible for you.

There are two options for submitting your information:

1.) You can use our simple, secure online format. Complete the form below and select the “Submit Form” button below. OR...

2.) You can download and then print out the form, complete the information and mail or fax it in. If you can't find a statement or two, not to worry, simply make an estimation of the account's value or put a note in the bottom and Steve will ask you about it when you talk. To use this option, select the “Click to Download” button below.

Also, some people prefer to simply email/fax us their statements (or copies) and have us fill out the form. You are welcome to do that as well. Forward them directly to or to Steve Peasley at the address/fax below.

Steve will contact you to give you specific ideas for growing your portfolio, and reducing risk. A complete portfolio analysis includes the gathering of information about your personal financial picture. This conversation, in-person or on the phone, will include discussion of your current life situation, your tolerance for investment risk, and your expectations about retirement.

You may also mail or fax your portfolio information to:

KPP Financial, Inc.

34232 Pacific Coast Highway , Suite B
Dana Point CA 92629
Phone: 800-557-5461
Fax: 949-443-2039

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