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The KPP Premium Newsletter – includes a weekly market update and summary, some specific portfolio management suggestions, and at least two stock ideas. These are solid tips about how to manage your money for the greatest profit. The Premium Newsletter will help you keep abreast of global issues and how they affect your portfolio. The Newsletter is delivered to your inbox every Friday afternoon. Steve and Jerry will help answer your questions objectively and unemotionally. It’s always good to have the right friends offer advice.

TWO Subscription Options

Annually for $99.00 per year (20 percent savings) delivered every Friday to your email box

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One month satisfaction guarantee, and you can cancel your subscription at anytime

AND FOR A LIMITED TIME subscribers to the KPP PREMIUM NEWSLETTER will receive

5 Point Portfolio Smart Scan ™ A complete analysis of YOUR individual retirement portfolio. This is done online or by mail, if you prefer. It includes an examination of your stocks, funds, bonds, your retirement accounts, real estate, all for the price of the newsletter subscription. You will be contacted via email after subscribing to the newsletter to participate in the Smart Scan ™.

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