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Checklist for a Healthy Portfolio

Just fill out the form below and we’ll email you a free copy of Checklist for a Healthy Portfolio (pdf) – It may just be a rescue plan for your retirement portfolio.

This guide will help you accomplish two things:

First, organize your thinking about your retirement portfolio. The kind of market and economy that we’re experiencing now can really feel a whole lot worse, if you don’t have a plan, or at least an understanding of where your money is and where it needs to go. This check list is a start.

The second use for this document is to help you meet with a professional and get the most out of that meeting. If you’d like to schedule an individual portfolio check up with Steve, we can arrange to do it on the phone. Just call 800-557-5461, or click on “Make an Appointment” here on (You can send us your statements via mail or FAX)