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Stop the Doom and Gloom

October 24, 2011 – 5:12 pm

This Thursday the third quarter GDP number will be released telling us what the economy did during the summer months. Almost everyone felt we were going to fall into another recession however, the experts are telling us that third quarter GDP is going to come in at a growth rate of more than 2%, much better than the growth in the second quarter. Our economy, and for that matter the world economy, is going to strengthen into the end of the year. Europe is making a strong effort to at least address in a more serious way the Greek debt and China is showing signs of easing their restrictions while inflation appears to be contained. For us in the U.S. housing and unemployment is such a stark black mark on the collective public mind it is hard to believe that things are actually improving and not getting worse. This excess feeling of doom and gloom is fed upon by our politics and the media which enjoy pointing out all the problems and ignoring anything that might point to a brighter future.

To change this pervasive pall it must start with the individual. On a purely personal level, we as people need to get up, dust ourselves off and get back to work. Stop complaining; stop agonizing about the future and stop looking for the government to solve our problems. Improve your own personal skills, whether it is going back to school or learning a new trade and get back to work. If that means taking a less than desirable job so be it. Let’s all get back to work, innovate, make things, be smarter and work harder than our competitors.

I don’t want to hear we can’t, because we ‘can’; it just takes effort.

Good Trading
Steve Peasley

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