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The KPP 2010 Wealth Conference Series – January 16th in La Jolla

January 12, 2010 – 8:10 pm

In this 3-hour session we’ll make some important comparisons that will help  you position yourself  for the New year AND protect yourself  needless risks. We’ll compare the U.S. with Europe, and then with Asia. We’ll consider debt, GDP growth, and economic size. What other numbers will matter?

Inflation and interest rates, housing, and unemployment. These relationships will be impactful next year.  We’ll draw a picture of the “Real World 2010”  and how to find its opportunities.

These 3-hour Saturday morning sessions, hosted by Portfolio Manager Steve Peasley are opportunities for learning. When you know more about the market, the economy and cycles of movement that interconnect.

$45 admission includes delicious continental breakfast. Teens with parents are free.

Every paid attendant receives a free copy of Steve’s book.

“Above Average Investing for the Average Investor.”

If you have questions about this event , please call our offices at 800-557-5461

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