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The World View

February 4, 2013 – 6:08 pm

Global_Stock_Market_3-300x191Even with the confusing jobs numbers out last week overall economic health in the U.S. is improving and we are not the only country that is seeing improvement. China we all know has been fighting both inflation and a slowing economy in the last few years. It finally appears that change is taking hold. Like the U.S. they went through a political battle that we can’t really call elections but the result for China was a new government being installed, something they do every five years.

With that uncertainty behind them the new leadership is taking steps to foster internal economic expansion shifting the focus away from exports. This will be a slow process but we are seeing small signs of improvement in the economic statistics.

Europe too is becoming less worrisome. Not that they are on the mend, but the economy and debt issues appear to be fading. It has gone from the worry about an EU wide economic collapse due to unsustainable debt levels to maybe they might pull themselves out of this mess they got themselves in to. You can see that in the lowering of sovereign debt interest rates.

It is a never ending struggle to understand the world economy and what might happen next that will affect the stock market. That’s what makes it so interesting.

Good Trading
Steve Peasley

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