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Trends and Predictions

March 9, 2010 – 6:21 pm

The strong market on Friday set a stage for a rally in foreign markets over the weekend but the domestic exchanges are struggling to stay in positive territory today. This morning we had more merger  and acquisition activity which is giving a positive feel at the opening.

Traders and investors are feeling better than they were just a few weeks ago as Greece seems to be serious about correcting its debt problems, China is still set to grow after trying to tighten the reins on lending and the U.S. economic statistics move toward a slightly stronger recovery. At least that is what the sense is today. Tomorrow that could change.

Reacting to the day to day mood swings of the market players is not a good way to invest. Longer term trends are much more important and there seems to be a slightly better outlook so investors can take a little comfort. It will come down to next month’s earnings report and the reporting companies’ outlook for the future. It will either confirm a recovery in progress or disappointing weakness.

It is still very confusing with a tilt to the positive.

Good Trading
Steve Peasley

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